Slowly in Type Music is operated by the creative minds of Ryan Foglesong, Grant Fonda and Scott Frankfurt,
and is
 based in greater Los Angeles, California. 

SLOWLY IN TYPE creates excellent musical works that are gospel-centered, wonderfully creative,
and highly accessible to music programs and churches worldwide.

We are inspired by the best of contemporary music and the rich musical traditions of Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Brückner, Copland,
and Williams (Ralph and John). 

Our printed scores and state-of-the-art recordings offer timeless texts combined with new heart-lifting melodies. SLOWLY IN TYPE's arrangements are playable and devised for the edification of the saints, the encouragement of the world, and the glory of God.

Staff BIOS

RYAN FOGLESONG is a worship leader at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita CA, a songwriter and bass player for the band Enfield, and an adjunct faculty member at The Master’s University. Since 2011, he has helped arrange songs for and play bass on several Sovereign Grace albums including “From Age to Age,” and “Grace Has Come.” He also teaches seminars at Worship God, an annual national conference for church musicians. Ryan is a gifted lyricist and melodist and ensures that the pieces we produce are singable, accessible, and original. 

GRANT FONDA is an award-winning composer and orchestrator in the Film Industry and the concert world. He holds degrees in Music Composition from The Master's University, The University of Missouri-Columbia (MIZZOU), and The University of Southern California (USC). Grant has extensive experience writing for and leading groups of all mediums from across the United States, and has worked as a composer and orchestrator on a myriad of projects in the Film Industry. He has collaborated with several Oscar and Grammy nominated composers, and has extensive experience leading music in churches of varying sizes and styles. Grant applies his dramatic sensibilities and orchestration chops to each tune from Slowly in Type to make sure that the arrangements dramatically and musically support the text through charts that are simultaneously accessible and exacting of a high standard of musicianship from each player.

SCOTT FRANKFURT is a Grammy-nominated producer, engineer and sound designer. Scott has collaborated with recording artists including Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Sergio Mendes, Yo-Yo Ma, and Jeremy Lubbock.  He has been instrumental in bringing the records of Enfield to life, and brings invaluable studio savvy, artistry, industry wisdom, and creativity to Slowly in Type.